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Dj Khaled gives $100K watch to his son Asahd for his first birthday

One of the most known babies worldwide is Dj Khaled‘s son, Asahd and it’s no secret that Daddy gives him everything. This past weekend Asahd turn one and with that a huge party was thrown in his honor.

In addition, Puff Daddy also performed a song in Asahd’s birthday — he sure wont remember that.

One of the most impressive and expensive gift the kid had was a diamond-studded watch, and a ton of patience … ’cause he can’t even wear the watch yet.

Khaled’s wife, Nicole Tuck, commissioned Haute Living — which also threw the birthday bash — to make a VERY nice watch for Asahd. The piece is laced with more than 600 diamonds which weigh in at 11.65 carats … all for just over $100k.

The watch is a Franck Muller model in rose gold, with Asahd’s name and birth date engraved on the back. It’s also adult sized, and seeing as how Asahd just turned 1 … he probably won’t be ballin’ out anytime soon. Good to know it’s waiting on deck though.

What ever happen to bouncy houses, Candies, Piñatas and tricycles for kids parties?? do you think this was too much? or would you do the same if you had Khaled’s money? drop your thoughts below …